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So, you want to manage your own caravan park? By: Willie Bromehead

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No doubt most of us have been on holiday in a caravan park, having a great time, and thinking, "Wouldn't it be great to live like this all year round." The idyllic setting makes us wish we could give up the drudgery of our normal weekday job, and move to the country or seaside to run a resort, or hotel, or even a caravan park! Yes, a caravan park sounds like fun!
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Plan your weekends Traffic delays are caused by:- Accidents which lead to full or partial road closures impacting severely on the traffic. Fatal or very serious accidents may cause traffic to remain congested for several hours after the incident. Broken down heavy vehicles obstructing a lane will result in serious delays. Peak traffic periods may result in significantly increased traffic volumes impacting the flow of traffic.
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